There are some ways to check if there is an original or non-Apple display on iPhone.

  • Remove any screen protector, if present. Illuminate the display with an LED flashlight positioned at least one foot (30 cm) from the display.
  • If the reflection looks like the image on the left, then the display is a non-Apple part.
  • If the reflection looks like the image on the right, with color bands or refractive color banding, then the display may be a genuine Apple part or may be a non-Apple part.

Note: This test checks for only one specific display modification.

Non-Apple display on the left image

  • Check the sides of the display pointing to the housing of the device. NonApple displays often do not fit well on the case, and the display is slightly discarded compared to the original. It would be ideal to have another device, to compare.
  • A large number of nonApple displays have a poorer resolution. They can have an enhanced shade of blue or red, and this is very noticeable.