It is important for users to have the battery on the mobile phone to withstand a few days of use without compromising the launch of applications and usage all the features on the phone. Modern mobile phones are designed to maximize the use of limited battery capacity and optimum energy consumption to achieve the best results. Due to physical limitations, we can not incorporate a larger battery into the mobile phone, but by improving the process and technology, we are trying to produce cells with higher energy density in the same volume. It also seeks to reduce the consumption of all circuits in the mobile phone and maximum energy utilization.

How to extend battery life in existing mobile devices.

It is certainly a good solution to install the latest software-operating system to maximize the performance of the device. An important role in the battery life is the quality of the charger that charges the mobile phone, it is desirable to be the original product that comes with the phone.

By shutting down the background process, applications that we do not use for a shorter period also extends the battery life. The biggest consumer of energy on modern mobile phones is the LCD and the optimal backlight setting can reduce the power consumption. The manufacturers are trying to produce a display module that will have a superb display color, contrast and brightness which are clearly visible in daylight with minimal energy consumption.

When using WI-FI networks, it is very important to be as close as possible to the router or WI-FI hot spot as this ensures greater speed of signal transmission with minimal energy consumption. Using the device in high and very low temperature conditions also reduces the battery life and reduces efficiency of the battery. The emptying rate of up to 0% also reduces the life of the battery and the full-filling of the device.