Cleaning agents are an integral and indispensable part of any service in which electronics repair of any kind is performed. It can be freely said that the removal of repairing traces by numerous chemical cleaners is a successful completion of every quality repairs.

We can say with certainty that at least once you met with some device that someone had tried to fix before you, but that he left behind some traces of flux or some other dirt that showed his lack of professionalism. In the market for chemical products for the cleaning of electronic products you can find many products suitable for repairing mobile phones. This is exactly where you are advised to use it because they have a significant role in repairing the device. In addition to eliminating the traces of repairing, chemicals are also used to remove corrosion and oxidation caused by moisture or liquid, as well as protection or precautionary measures against damage that can be caused by moisture.

In addition to cleaning agents for electronic components in the devices, there are also cleaning product for maintaining the purity of the cosmetics of the device. These are non-aggressive agents, they are a mild composition, and they are used to remove the dust and grease that the devices are exposed to during operation. Mobile devices are a specific type of consumer electronics are intended for everyday use and are exposed to the effects of sweating human hands and face. We recommend, as a precautionary measure, to clean your mobile device with cleaning agents to reduce the risk of infection or infection that can cause bacteria and dirt that settles on the surface of the device.

In process of soldering electronic components we use soldering flux. This agent has an irreplaceable role in the process of high quality soldering. After completing the soldering process, whether component replacement or reparation is performed, we advise the use of a flux remover. In most cases, the removal can be done with isopropyl alcohol or chemical agent intended only for this operation. Such means have a special chemical composition whose use excludes the possibility of some negative effect of this asset on electrical values or the further operation of the electronic circuit. The tool used for this purpose is an antistatic brush or a cotton swab wool. You can also use special wet wipes soaked with special solvent.

For the purpose of maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of EPA space, ESD equipment and ESD furniture, chemicals used in a special recipe are used. These resources have a twofold role. For clean surfaces that are treated (work tables, shelves, chairs, floors ...) or and to keep the ESD characteristics of these surfaces. In addition to daily maintenance of workplace hygiene, individual surfaces are periodically cleaned, which is recommended in the procedures by most of the world's leading manufacturers of mobile devices.