In order to open mobile devices as well as to securely assemble mobile devices, it is necessary to use only the professional tools of known manufacturers. Using a suspicious quality tool, you are risking damage to the service unit that you repair, damage to the tool, or injury during the service process.

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Wiha tool for professionals

When selecting the tools to use you need to pay attention to several important details. The tool should be made of suitable materials, the dimension and shape must be suitable for the one who uses it, the tool must satisfy the ESD standard as well as the standard by which parts of the device are manufactured are serviced.

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Wera ESD set

Mobile devices are mostly made of polymers, glass and metals. For this reason, the tool you use must be designed in such a way that it does not damage the device you are servicing.

It is very important that the metal parts of the tools are made of high quality steel that can be easily, precisely cut, shifted, lifted, twisted and untwisted while the parts of the tool which are help should be made of non-slip material, that is "ESD safe " and which prevents the ergonomics of the hands. The tool made of polymer must be such a hardness that it does not damage the polymer parts of the device as well as the parts made of glass.

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Bernstein ESD set

The tools without which it is unthinkable to service mobile devices are: screwdriver, tweezers, cutters, spike pliers, scissors, truncheon, plastic stick, brush, scalpel, dental tool pick,... Each part of this tool has its own significant and irreplaceable role. In this group of small tools there are also many other tools that make it easier for us to repair and make our service a pleasure. There are also special tools that are manufactured exclusively by the order of the mobile manufacturers, for certain models of the devices, which make it easier and help us to repair it. The device will return to the original condition as it was before failure or damage.

After a long period in this business we have come across tools from various manufacturers. From those who create tools for amateurs and occasional use, and to those made by leading world manufacturers. Experience has taught us to recognize the difference in quality and usability between these two categories and we advise you to adhere to the verified names in the world of tools so as not to waste time searching for what you need in your service.

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All manufacturers in their range offer a tool that you can buy on a piece and thus complete it according to your wishes and needs, but also the tool kit as shown above is also available. In this way, you can equip any technician in your service center as soon as possible you will round up the needs of each of them for the tool that will perform quality and professional repairs.

Do not neglect the tool as a very important segment of your service because it directly depends on the outcome of your service towards the user of the mobile device, and you agree that if you make the customer satisfied, you will increase the chances that your business is going up the line.