Soldering is the process of joining inseparable joints of two metal parts using a molten third metal.

The solder is melted when the solder iron is in contact with the solder. The molten solder is an irrigated compound, a soldering iron is withdrawn, and after cooling the solder forms the electrical and mechanical connection components. Soldering process can be carried out manually or automatically. This is the simplest explanation of what soldering is and how it is performed.

But soldering is not just a process that brings together two metals with a molten third metal, soldering is an craft and an art. To be a good technician you must also master this skill. It is an exercise and a routine is acquired by many years of work and practice. Do not be afraid of mistakes that will be an integral part during exercise, the more you solder you will obtain better sense, safety, and you will be more creative.

Soldering is an integral part of the repair of mobile devices and this very important technique is impossible to remove from the repair with which replaces the defective parts in the unit. The service should have a special place where soldering is carried out. The site should be equipped with a soldering station, hot air station, preheating plate, microscope and (or) camera, and an aspirator for the suction of gases and products that are released in the air during soldering, as well as with a strong and natural light. The technician should use protective goggles and gloves, which reduces the risk of burns or injuries that may occur when working with any of these tools.

A very common failure is the problem with charging the battery. As a USB connector, through which a connection between a mobile device and a charger is made, should be more exposed to mechanical damage, replacing this part of electronics is a part in which, as a beginner in soldering, everyone should acquire basic guidelines and feel for this type of replacement part. In the meantime, some of the SMD or BGA elements from the base board are replaced.

For modern soldering, we use an unleaded tin for environmental protection and thus protect our own health because lead is a very toxic metal .However, in the form of wire of different thickness is used for soldering of most compounds. For the soldering of contacts for which precision is of extreme importance, as well as soldering BGA components of the electronics, a solder is used in the form of a paste. We use flux as an essential auxiliary agent in the soldering process. Flux is a chemical agent, it is different in composition and density. Soldering flux is used to prevent the oxidation process during soldering. It can be like a paste but also flowing like water. The products of various manufacturers are available on the market and you still define for the best and proven in practice.

If you are not sure what to use, contact us. We will advise you and advise you in the right direction.

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Without a quality and professional soldering tool, you can not even provide a quality professional repairing service. Using amateur tools does not provide you with a quality service and you risk doing damage to the device. Mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated every day and require constant training of technical staff in the service. Users leave confidence that their devices will be repaired according to the technology they are made of.

Mobile devices have changed significantly since they were created. The evolution is significant and has led to the fact that the mobile device has become perhaps the most important device people use. The phones have become so important to repair at a scheduled and in a very short time the need for people to have all the essential data for everyday urban life in the mobile device and to use all the benefits of modern technology (Internet, GPS, WiFi, cameras ...) has led to the fact that mobile devices they have more and more complicated electronics and parts.

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To make these complicated electronics successfully solder and desolder, use the solder stations and equipment of famous manufacturers Oki,Weller,Pace,JCB,Ersa,Hakko,Dennon, ... Why is it important to use such a tool? Because it is designed to withstand long-term operation. Long-term use is guaranteed while observing the instructions for use. The described characteristics are in most cases accurate and precise.

In order to be able to do most of the repairs in your service you need to have several soldering stations, hot air brazing stations, preferably IC soldering iron. High quality microscope and camera are an indispensable part of the equipment. With this set of tools and a service compartment provided for such repairs, no malfunction will constitute an obstacle.

For services that are ready to invest more funds, one of the devices that can be interesting is a semi-automatic or automatic soldering machine such as Martin Expert 10.6 or Metcal BGA solder system. These devices are designed to remove and place SMD and BGA electronic components precisely, in very strict and profiled conditions where damage to the base plate or the wheel itself is removed or reduced to the lowest possible extent. Here we have listed two solder systems, although there are more different ones on the market but with a similar principle of operation. At your disposal the choice of one that best suits you both by characteristics and by price.

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