If a user reports this or a similar malfunction on the phone, we advise you to approach this problem with a high degree of seriousness. The network section of the phone is the most important and complicated electronic circuit. The lesson is important in the absence of bluetooth, GPS, camera, quickly draining battery or something similar. In some of these failures, the user will be able to use the phone, but if the phone has a problem with the network, the basic function of the device is malfunctioning and the phone becomes unusable. In this case, we will not deal with the principle of network operation, because it would require much more space, by this we only want to give you basic guidance in understanding these problems and their solution. How many mobile engineers participate in the design and development of a mobile phone and experts from different fields, and it would be quite complicated for the average technician to understand the detailed work of the network of the mobile device. Therefore, we advise you to deal with this problem with professional literature so that at least the basic principles of network operation can be understood and successfully resolve failures on devices.

Network malfunction may be caused by hardware or software errors. In relation to the description of the fault, you can come to the conclusion that the process of testing and servicing of the device will take place. Following the official procedures of most manufacturers, testing must be carried out before any service interventions. This is to determine the difference in the correctness of the devices before and after the service intervention.

The equipment and devices used for this purpose may be the most expensive part of the equipment that you should have at your service center. In most cases, such equipment can be seen in large service centers where mobile phones, tablets or radio station for professional use. If you are not in the position to afford such a piece of equipment, it would be useful to rent a service center to perform testing, with an official report and a clear conclusion as to whether the device is right or not and where is the problem that you should solve . The products and devices used for this purpose are manufactured by Rohde & Schwarz, Aeroflex, Yokogawa, Agilent and others…

If the test network shows an error, try repairing the device’s software. During the use of the mobile device, the operating parameters of the network are affected. In this sense, it is necessary to do RF calibration, which returns these parameters to the limit values and the device is brought to the correct state. These software parameters can not be restored to the original state of access to hardware repair. Maybe some of the electronic elements are defective and need to be replaced, it often happens that the coaxial cable is unlocked or that the connection is poor ... After the hardware repair is followed by the software again part after which it would again be desirable to test the device in order to see the result of servicing.

From the previous part of the text you could come, at least to a small extent, to the conclusion that the malfunctioning of the mobile device network is rather complex as well as their solution. Insofar as you seriously and successfully deal with this type of faults, you will gain the trust of your clients by which your rating will be picked up by a few position higher than the competition, which can significantly better position you in the world of servicing mobile devices and thus your survival on the market would be incomparably more certain.