Our Mission

Mobile phones are an inevitable part of our way of life today and their perfect functionality and correctness are very important to us. The changes are becoming more complex and more sensitive and are prone to failures due to inadvertent handling and dropping. The search for professional and fast mobile phone services is great and this work every day is growing.

Our mission is to help you launch and organize your mobile phone service deal.

Long-term work in this area, expertise and great experience is our main strength you can safely count on.
If you are already in the service of mobile phones and want to improve and strengthen your business, we also have many professional advice and professional solutions for you. Please feel free to contact us and gain our knowledge and professionalism.

Your Phone repair team!


Our professional team can respond as quickly as possible to any of your requests whether it's online support or directly at your service center. The key services we offer are the following:

  • Training cell phone technicians and other personnel for removing the most complex failures on mobile phones
  • Scientific consultations when selecting new tools and practical application-new service procedures
  • Implementation and maintenance of new software for doing business
  • Online support when servicing mobile phones with complex failures
  • Adjusting the servicing process and removing the elements that slow down the process
  • Introduction to the service procedure of new phone models as well as new brands
  • Improve quality control and check

Our Team

Experts with years of experience who can help you in all areas of mobile phone servicing

Petar Oluic

Over 20 years in servicing mobile phones, worked on the business organization and opening of service centers as well as training of staff to work in the centers in Europe and Asia. Has licenses for servicing Nokia and Asus mobile phones.

Vladan Boksan

More than 17 years of experience in servicing Samsung and Nokia mobile phones with official licenses for L3 repairs provided by Samsung as well as training tehnicians for the most complex repairs as recommended by the manufacturer.

Antonio Kelemen

Expert in servicing Apple iPhone, iPad as well as MacBook computers with valid licenses and certifications. Experience in training staff to work in service centers, starting and equipping new service centers, as well as support.

Sasa Oluic

Electrical engineer with more than 20 years experience in electronics. Last 10 years working as programmer with experiences in programming languages and tools. Main role is development of complete software solutions for service centers, process management and business analysis.