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Phone repair consulting and training courses.

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Services we offer

We offer you a complete solution for opening a service center,personnel staff training,for successful job management as well as for perfecting your existing business with repairing cell phones. This field is very dynamic due to rapid technological development and it is necessary constantly improvement if you want to be at the very top of the provide these services.

Starting a cell phone repair business

Our team can help you in finding the answers when it's best to start repairing cell phones, what tools to use and with which knowledge you will be successful.

Cell phone repair training course

Phone Repair Team has a training program to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in a short period of time for the successful performance of cell phone repairing service.

Front desk reception organization

A clean, efficient front desk operation provides a favorable impression of your business and makes customers feel welcome. The organization of the front desk are our mission.

Spare parts logistics

In order to successfully manage the cell phone repair business, it is necessary to have a reliable access to the original and high-quality spare parts.

We know how to repair Your bussiness

In the modern management of cell phone repairing center, there are certain rules that we need to keep in order to successfully operate and achieve the best results

Would you like to start your own phone repair business?

You tried to repair your damaged cell phone by purchasing the part and tool over the Internet. You helped your friend replace the broken LCD and you realized that it's not that difficult. This experience motivated you to think about starting your own cell phone repair business. Read more

Would you like to repair cell phones like a pro?

You have successfully launched your business with a cell phone repairing and you have a clear vision in which direction you will go further to strengthen your position on the market. You think it's time to raise your work to a higher level and become a professional company. Read more

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