We have Phone Shop and want to do basic phone repairs. What do we need to prepare for your course?

You need to have a space in which you can conduct training, and that the space is equipped with basic tools for servicing mobile phones, including audio-visual equipment for conducting the training process.

We want to be authorized service provider. What tools and equipment we need to buy?

Depending on the manufacturer of the mobile device, the requirements for tools and equipment can be different. The basic tools you need are: An electronic ESD set with the appropriate working bench, measuring devices along with specific tools that every manufacturer requests.

We need our staff trained. Can you come to us and train?

Yes, we can come to your service center and train your staff for professional work in servicing mobile devices.

Do you have to come to us to help us?

We can come to you, but we can also provide online support at any time.

How long is the repairing course and how much does it cost?

Depending on your needs and wishes, the courses for training staff can last from 7 days to 30 days.

The cost depends on the number of classes and the number of trainees.

Do you support us after cours finished?

Of course, online support is included within the support system determined by our contract.

Is it important to have ESD safe working area?

Yes, that is a basic requirement in servicing sensitive electronic devices because of safety and quality of servicing concerns.

Who should attend to your phone repair course?

The Phone Repair Course is targeted to those already have knowledge and experience how to use basic repair tools in electronics repair (screwdrivers, tweezers, digital multimeter, basic soldering experience). They can be electronic technicians, IT engineers, hobbysts, technical college students, or Phone Repair Shop owners.