When you receive the device to repair it, it is necessary to determine all external damage, as this can lead us to conclusions as to how the device was malfunctioning and possible malfunctions. The best visual inspection tool in service centers is a microscope or a camera with high quality optics as well as a table lamp with built-in magnifying glass.

Before disassembling the mobile phone, you can make a visual overview of what could be the cause of the malfunction. In most cases, the malfunction occurred after a drop or moisture effect. The next cause of malfunction is the result of a software malfunction, and in the end, some kind of hardware failure caused by the malfunction of some elements on the base board or some peripheral part (LCD, dash panel, speaker, microphone, USB interface ...). In order to make a concrete conclusion about what is wrong on the mobile device that needs to be corrected, a visual overview of the parts that make up the device. Optical aids such as microscopes and high resolution cameras come to the scene.

As parts of a device of very small dimensions need to be examined using such equipment, because very often with the naked eye you can’t clearly see the essential details. The more frequent problem on the service unit you are servicing is caused by moisture that left oxidation after drying. It is a direct cause of malfunction or interference in the work. The water always finds the way to the smallest parts of the phone and underneath the SMD or BGA components. In search of water damage, it is necessary to use a microscope with strong light and great magnification. This is the only correct path to deviation and failure detection.

In the market of optical devices today it is possible to buy from the cheapest microscopes, amateur and casual use cameras to top quality optics for professional purposes which can cost a lot. We suggest that you use high quality microscopes and cameras in your service to see electronics and repair in a clear and clean look. The reason why we recommend using more expensive devices is in the quality of the optics contained in them, produced by renowned manufacturers such as NIKON, LEICA, ZEISS,VISION ENGINEERING ... By using such devices you save your sight without a price and you will agree with us that sight, in this kind of work, is of the utmost importance.